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10K Wine Run: The Fun Road to Throwing Up

I will start off by saying that I am not a doctor. I am not a health expert. I barely even know how my brain is able to store all the hair I grow. However, I still feel, as a human being, I can make some assumptions about what it would be like to run a marathon while drinking nothing but wine.

The creative people of Glasgow, Scotland have put together the Wineathlon, which is a 10K (or 6 1/2 mile) marathon where all the rest stops are stocked with wine in lieu of water. Can you just imagine? You start your run. You hit it hard for 2 miles. Your heart starts to pump. Things start to heat up. The sweat is pouring down your face. Your mouth is starting to get pasty and parched. Luckily, there’s a respite on the horizon where you quench your extreme thirst with…a tepid glass of Pinot Noir.


(Picture: Flickr/Wineathlon)

What I have to wonder is where the barf stations will be located, and if every ambulance in the city will be on call for this event. I adore wine. I prefer it above every other non-water beverage. However, I have to admit I would never pack a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to use when I hit the gym. (That’s what people do, right? “Hit” the gym?”) It makes me a tad queasy just thinking about taking long, large gulps of any type of wine. Perhaps, however, I should try to strengthen my resolve. Maybe start pouring some Chardonnay in my Camelbak, and taking some jogs through a park.

If you’re wondering what kind of demand there is for this type of punishment, the answer lies in the fact that hundreds of people have already signed up for the event that is to occur in September. This means that if you are thinking you might want to pack your sweatbands, and take a trip to Glasgow to get in on the fun, you might want to do it soon!

(Cover Picture: Flickr/Wineathlon)

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