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11 Amazing Novelty Wine Glasses

Do you ever feel like you could use a little amusement while drinking all that wine down your gullet? Sometimes I do, and my stupid plain glasses are useless when it comes to entertainment. That is why I went on a search for the best novelty wine glasses. Come, let us take a journey through this article to see what I have found.


1. “I Earned This” Jumbo Wine Glass

The most important thing is to know you have earned the wine you are drinking. Did you wake up this morning? Great. You’ve earned a glass of wine. Did you put pants on? Now you’ve earned 2.

I earned this wine glass

2. “What Night?” Funny Wine Glass

This is pretty how all my nights go. Or at least I think this is how my nights go. It’s kind of fuzzy.

What Night Wine Glass

3. Novinophobia: Fear of Running Out of Wine

Indeed. This is my biggest fear. Bees, clowns, and exercise are the next 3.

Novinophobia- Fear of Running Out of Wine

4. Engraved Chemistry of Alcohol Funny Wine Glass

I already feel pretty smart when I am drinking wine, but this glass just increases that feeling even more. I’m sure people will think I am a scientist and/or inventor of some sort.

Engraved Chemistry of Alcohol Funny Wine Glass

5. Engraved Corkscrew Themed Stemless Wine Glasses

Yeah…”Screw it”. Whenever I am asked to make a toast, that is the speech I give. Glad they made some novelty wine glasses that have this etched right on there. I don’t have to bring my note cards with me anymore.

Engraved Corkscrew Themed Stemless Wine Glasses

6. Chalkboard Stemless Wine Glass

An excellent way to personalize your guests’ wine glasses. You just write each person’s deepest, darkest secrets on their respective wine glasses, so everybody knows which one belongs to them.

Holdings Chalkboard Stemless Wine Glass

7. Oversized Extra Large Giant Champagne Flute Glass

If you are going to celebrate something with champagne, you might as well celebrate the sh&t out of it. Just be the most celebratingest celebrator that ever celebrated.

Oversized Extra Large Giant Champagne Flute Glass

8. Mommy and Daddy Juice Stemless Wine Glasses

Novelty wine glasses for those of you that have offspring. From what I hear, wine becomes an important factor of parenting. I’ve already stock piled 18 years worth of wine in preparation.

Mommy and Daddy Juice Stemless Wine Glasses

9. Wine Time Glass Hour Glass Goblet

Speaking of parenting, if your responsibilities leave you only 10 minutes out of the day to enjoy your wine, give this glass a try. It includes an hour glass that counts down the 10 minutes. You’ll know when to come out of your hiding closet before your children start to hunt you.

Wine Time Glass hour glass goblet

10. Drinking Tube Straw Cup

Bringing a wine glass up and down from your mouth can be exhausting. I also find that it makes one arm bigger than the other, which is unattractive. Here is the solution.

Drinking Tube Straw Cup

11. “Birds” Etched Stemless Wine Glasses

Why is this on here? Because I wanted the opportunity to say, “PUT A BIRD ON IT!”

Brids Wine Glasses


I do hope you have enjoyed these novelty wine glasses as much as did. I just think it’s time that we all spice up our wine drinking lives a little bit.

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