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11 Things You Can Wear To Show Your Support For Alcohol.

If you are like me, you don’t hide the fact that drinking is a part of your life. I don’t think one should ever be ashamed of the fact that he/she likes to partake in the occasional to frequent drink. As I’ve mentioned before, I do not have a drinking problem…I am an appreciator of the art of drinking alcohol. Whether you’re going to a party or heading to a job interview, you should considering giving people a little taste of how awesome you and alcohol are by sporting gems like these…

 1. Women’s Alcohol Because No Great Story Tank Top.

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 7.03.19 AM
This is true. I like salad, but I have never been enthralled by a story about a salad. I have, however, been enthralled by the story of someone coming to from a blackout while walking down a random street, and in the middle of eating two cheeseburgers. There’s also a t-shirt available for men here.


2. Beer Unisex Knee High Socks.

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 7.00.41 AM
This is for the active drinkers out there. The ones that run a 65 mile marathon, and then hit the beer garden afterwards. Show us what all that hard work and training was for…to get wasted at the end of it.


3. Step Aside Coffee This Job Is For Alcohol Funny Adult T-Shirt.

I think it’s important to show others that your portfolio of vices is diverse. When you are not tipsy or drunk, you are hopped up on caffeine, and you know the appropriate times to be one or the other.


4. Coffee Keeps Me Going Until It’s Acceptable To Drink Wine, Ladies Printed T-Shirt.



5. Installing Alcohol Funny Black Adult Hoodie.

It’s good to let people know that you are in the process of downloading alcohol, and what the status is. Setting expectations is important.


6. Women Cotton Novelty Alcohol Theme Gift Idea Wine Does Not Make You Fat T-Shirt.

Right, ladies?! Let’s go wine tasting!


7. Men’s T-Shirt Party Slogan – Alcohol May Not Be The Answer.

This is a delightful response to those that think you should not use alcohol as a crutch. I think alcohol is an excellent crutch, and this is proof.


8. Live Love Alcohol Women T Shirt 100% Cotton Cool White.

This one is deep. We all need a motto to live by.


9. Men’s Funny Mixed Drinks About Feelings Party T-Shirt.

I don’t see how someone won’t stop you on the street when they see this shirt and say, “you, sir, are hilarious. Here is $50 towards your cause.”


10. Moss New York Men’s 40’s Liquor Chino Shorts.

These are pretty amazing. Chino shorts with little malt liquor 40s speckled all over. I want every man to wear these shorts always.


11. The BeerBelly. The 80-Ounce Beer Belly.

This is ridiculous, yet amusing. I just had to share. You put beer in this thing, and wear it under your shirt, so it looks like you’re just fat! I respect the need to sneak beer into various events that may not allow alcohol, or sell it at a highly inflated cost. Good work, whoever thought of this ridiculous product.

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