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14 Wine Accessories to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

If you are looking to get into the Holiday spirit, wine is definitely the way to go. Not only should you drink it, you should dress it up in some festive holiday attire. We’ve found some wine accessories that are perfect for this purpose.

1. Holiday Santa Wine Bottle & Glass Holder

Finally, Santa is doing something for the adults!


2. Funny Bottle Labels

Typical wine bottle labels rarely poke fun at drinking habits. That’s why your Holiday party will be in need of these labels.


3. Full Bottle Covers

These are for those of you that feel uncomfortable seeing too much wine bottle skin. You can adequately cover the shame.


4. Reindeer Wine Bottle Cover

Of course, if you are going to consider Christmas wine accessories, you’ll need at least one thing that is adorable. Enter the reindeer bottle cover…


5. Santa Wine Stopper

Bring me the head of Santa!


6. Ugly Sweater Wine Accessories

If you’re going to have an ugly Christmas sweater party and/or contest, make sure your wine bottles are included.


7. Reindeer Sweater

If you feel like dressing your wine up like a small child in a Christmas play, this is the wine bottle cover for you!


8. Santa Suit Bottle Cover

Every party needs a Santa. Why not have your wine do it? Dress up the bottle, and have the kids line up to tell Merlot exactly what they want for Christmas.


9. Santa Wine Bottle Cover

Santa is thinking, or about to pick his nose. Either way, it’s in the Christmas spirit.


10. Santa Wine Box

How about a Santa reminiscent of The Beatles in Yellow Submarine?


11. Christmas Tree Bottle Cover

Wine bottles have the perfect figure for becoming a Christmas tree.


12. Snowman Bottle Cover

In honor of the snowman that tragically lost his life in the warm winter of 2013.


13. Tree Wine Box

If you want to present your wine in a more modern, high-end manner, then give this wine box a try. People will think your wine is in the top 1%.


14. Cabana Boys Charms

And we’ve saved the best for last. What says Christmas more than half-naked cabana boys that hang off the edge of your wine glass?


As the old saying goes, “Christmas is not Christmas without wine accessories.” (At least, I think that’s a saying.) Enjoy the holiday, everyone!

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