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Need a Modern Wall Mounted Wine Rack? We’ve Got 10.

If you are not willing to compromise any style for space conservation, then you are probably looking for a good wall mounted wine rack. We happen to believe that a wine bottle lends itself well to modern design, so a modern wine rack is the way to go if you are looking to optimize your home’s fashion. If you are searching for that perfect contemporary look, we might suggest the following wine racks.

1. Think Outside the Box

A truly unique wine rack that makes use of a 3-d abstract design.

2. Wherever the Wave Takes You

A rack that interestingly takes on the shape of flowing liquid to create a beautiful space for your wine.


3. Mid-Century Modern Wine

This particular wine rack allows for artistic freedom. Since it comes in 2 pieces, you can make the design your own.


4. Grab Life by the Neck

It’s not a bad idea to have a wall mounted wine rack that doesn’t distract from the simple elegance of the wine bottles.


5. Wine Enthusiast Urban Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Not only does this rack add style to your home, it also provides easy access to your wine bottles.


6. An Abstract State of Mind

This lets your wine bottles become a part of an abstract piece of art.


7. Multi-purpose Modern

This not only brings a modern look to your wine bottles…it also incorporates your best wine glasses into the mix.


8. Hanging Out

A rack that offers you a different way to display your bottles.


9. Modern Nature

Go for a wall sculpture rack to bring out the beauty in your wine bottles.


10. A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Wines

No need for paintings or pictures when you have this wine rack. Proudly display your wine on your wall like you do art.


We hope we have provided some assistance in your search for the ideal wall mounted wine rack. Your wine deserves to look good!

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