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Vintage Wine Gifts, Anyone?

In honor of the wine drinkers of yore, we’ve decided to feature some old timey wine accessories that we found quite interesting as we were up to no good on the internet (“up to no good” means spending money like it grows on trees.) Some of these vintage wine gifts are one-of-a-kind, which says to me that, at one time, it was very special to someone, so they kept it locked away for a long time. Now, however, it’s available for sale for all of us to do with it as we please. (Sorry, grandmas.)

Squeeze Me Stomp Me Make Me Wine Tin Sign


I haven’t quite figured out if this sign is suggestive or not, but that’s okay. It’s about wine, and it’s got a pretty, vintage lady on it. It’ll do.

Vintage Women Wine Glass Charms


Sassy vintage women are a kind of a thing these days. This is an entertaining look at the carefree drunkenness of the 1920s. (By “carefree”, I mean highly illegal and restricted, and by “drunkenness”, I mean drunk off of liquor made in a bathtub by the mob.)

Wine Bottle Wall Rack Display

Vintage-5-Place-Wine Bottle-Wall-Rack-Display

If you’re looking for vintage wine gifts that keep on giving, then you might consider a wine rack. It’s very decorative, and it holds wine bottles. If you give this to a friend, every time you go over to their house, you can remind them of how awesome your gift is, and help yourself to one of the wine bottles in it. (You give a gift, you should be able to do whatever you please with it.)

Vintage Wine Carrier


Present your wine in something that looks like a treasure chest. You can make up some story about how it was found on an ancient sunken ship. You’ll seem much more interesting than you actually are.

Vintage Wine Coaster

My house is covered in wine stain rings. They’re even on the walls and cat. A wine coaster is probably a good idea.

Victorian Advertising Card


What is more adorable than a baby pouring himself/herself some wine? Vintage wine gifts don’t get more vintage than this! Wrap it up!

Vintage Style Twist Corkscrew


Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, that drinks wine has at least 1 corkscrew. I, personally, have 64 (give or take a few). I can’t get enough of them. If I can get a corkscrew that has some style…wrap it up!

French Wine Tasting Cup


If you don’t know what a wine tasting cup is, that’s because it was used over 200 years ago when there was no such thing as electricity. The French used it to taste wine in their dark cellars lit by candles. The silver of it helped bring more of that light to the wine for inspection. While it may not be something we use anymore, I think it would be hilarious to take this out with you wine tasting, and insist that your tastes be poured into it.

I love me some vintage wine gifts, and I think I found some interesting ones. Until next time…wine!

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