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10 Cool Flasks That Will Make You Laugh

Of course everyone knows that bringing your booze with you wherever you go is a very classy thing to do. However, you don’t have to take your classy self so seriously. Show off the lighter side of your drinking habit by adding a little humor to the mix. We’ve got some cool flasks that may just bring a smile to your face. (Or maybe that’s the alcohol doing that. Either way, it’s good to smile.)

1. What’s Your Story?

While I do agree with what this flask is saying, there is one instance where a great story starts with a salad, and that’s when I throw my drink in the face of anyone that tries to tell a story about a salad.


2. Shout it From the Mountaintop

Remember when I mentioned classy? What’s more classy than a grumpy cat wearing a top hat and monocle? What’s more hilarious than a grumpy cat wearing a top hate and monocle? Nothing. Get this flask.


3. Just What the Doctor Ordered

Make sure you follow the dosage instructions for this flask, even though the doctor that issued the prescription may be a little bit on the shady side.


4. Political Genius

Show everybody that, in addition to being an alcohol aficionado, you keep up with politics and current events.


5. I Dream of Boozie

Who doesn’t dream of unicorns? No one. And it’s especially true when you are all liquored up on whatever was in your flask.


6. The Cow Jumped Over the Dolphin

Have you ever seen anything more amazing than a cow and a dolphin swimming majestically in the ocean? If the answer to that question is “yes”, then you probably have no interest in our cool flasks, because you’re more into psychedelic drugs.


7. Your Favorite Shrink

Make sure you do your research when you are looking into liquor insurance plans before you commit to a flask therapist.


8. In Case of Emergency…

It’s good to be well prepared for disasters.


9. A Warm Fuzzy

Remember how safe and secure you felt when you had your teddy bear with you? Well, this flask gives you that same feeling. Sure, it’s more like burning and tipseyness, but that’s close enough.


10. ‘Merica…Enough Said

Yeah…enough said.


We feel like we’ve found some pretty cool flasks here. They may just make you the most popular person in the world.

(Disclaimer: There is no evidence that the flasks will make you the most popular person in the world.)

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