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Reasons Why I am Drinking This Week

There are a lot of things in this world that are just not very fair. Sometimes I have a drink or two, or two plus five just to deal. Here are the reasons why I am drinking this week.

The Water in Flint, Michigan


I’m sure you heard of what’s going on here. In order to save money, the state of Michigan switched the Flint water source from Detroit’s Lake Huron to the Flint River. What resulted was water filled with bacteria, carcinogens, and lead. Despite the complaints of citizens, as well as the visual evidence of brown water, the government continued to insist the water was safe…until it was proved that it was not. The governor has since said he’s very sorry. You see, Flint. Don’t be mad. Sure, your government carelessly poisoned you and your children, but think of all the money that was saved. That money can go towards fixing the poison water problem. It all works out.

Police Officer and Wife Steal Money, He Stages His Own Murder


Lake County Sheriff’s Office

An Illinois police officer staged his suicide to make it look like he was killed by suspects in the line of duty. He did it because he was stealing money from the non-profit that he headed, and people started to notice. Authorities found that between September 2008 and September 2015 Lt. Joe Gliniewicz and his wife used charitable funds for a trip to Hawaii, purchases at Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, the theatre, and over 400 restaurant bills. His wife was indicted this week. I’m not making light of death, but I have to say I am shocked by him extending his deception to beyond the grave. And all for a vacation, and some coffee and donuts?

European Businessman Bought Photo of a Potato for $1,089,335

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.59.44 AM

You may be thinking, “Was the photo printed on something that was made from diamonds, or was the potato grown from soil fertilized by unicorn poop?” No. It’s just a regular picture of a regular potato. The picture was taken by Kevin Abosch, who is a well known photographer with photos of Yoko Ono and Johnny Depp under his belt. After four glasses of wine, a European businessman fell in love with the picture displayed in Abosch’s home, so he threw $1,089,335 at it. I’m sure it was probably the worst thing that the businessman ever woke up next to after a night of drinking.

People are Furious Over McDonald’s Cheese-less Mozzarella Sticks


In probably the most breaking of all the news, Fox News reported about the internet being set afire with people complaining about getting mozzarella sticks with no mozzarella in them. McDonald’s released the new item earlier this month. You can pay $2 to get the sticks with one other separate item, or $1 for three sticks on their own. People used the internet that they pay $20+ a month for, powered by the electricity they pay $20+ a month for to voice the outrage of paying $1 to $2 for mozzarella-less mozzarella sticks. I hope Gloria Allred takes on the class action lawsuit and justice prevails.

I have to go get another drink now. See you next time!

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