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Pantless Man Arrested With Bag and Boxed Wine

A 22-year-old New Jersey man was arrested over the weekend for driving while intoxicated, failure to maintain a lane, drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle, and reckless driving. I’m sure you’re thinking, “So what? What is so interesting about a drunk driver?” Well, there’s a bit more to the story. The young man was stopped at 3:21 am after committing a lane violation. When the officer approached the car, he not only noticed the smell of alcohol, but found that the man was wearing no pants or shoes, and had a bag of wine at his feet. He also had shopping bags filled with Twisted Tea cans, and boxed wine. Those are the facts of the incident, but I feel like there is a major question left unanswered. I will address that here in hopes that someone (police and/or pantless man) will come forward and enlighten us.

Hand cuffs

WHERE WAS THIS MAN GOING? Wherever it was, there must’ve been a very good reason behind it. Based on the time of night, and the type of alcohol found in his car, I can only assume that he was in the midst of some kind of overnight Tupperware or candle party. What happened at this party? Did someone say something offensive to the young man, and in a wine spritzer fueled rage he ripped off his pants, grabbed all the Twisted Teas and bag and boxed wine he could fit in his arms, and stormed out of the party to drive himself home? (I’m sure his shoes were already off, because the party was held at a no-shoe household. You don’t want to transfer street germs to the carpet.)


I just don’t know if I will be able to sleep without knowing what caused this man to drive pantless and shoeless in the middle of the night. Perhaps we’ll get more information when the man appears in court. Whatever happened, I do hope many Tupperware and/or candle sales were made. I always like to find at least one positive in a bad situation.

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