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5 Reasons Drinking at Home Is Better Than in Public

Going out and enjoying a drink or two or six with friends can certainly be an enjoyable experience. You put on your finest garbs, second mortgage your house for spending money and get ready for a night of regretful decisions. However, this is not necessarily the best environment for an amazing drinking experience. There are several reasons why drinking at home is better than doing it in public, which will be explained in detail here. Next time your friends invite you out, you may just tell them that they’re ugly and you never liked them just so no one will expect you to go out drinking ever again.

1. Save Money


Going out for drinks is an investment. And it’s not the good kind that will accumulate in value as time goes on. No financial advisor will suggest purchasing a $45 cocktail at a bar. In fact, he or she may even drop you as a client after hearing you racked up over $156,000 in bar tabs. Save enough money to purchase a new house and small boat by picking up some booze at the store and breaking out the novelty glasses you saved from last year’s Vegas trip.

2. Netflix and…

Why bother drinking in the real world when there’s a more entertaining one lurking in the bowels of your television and/or mobile device? Also, it’s a pretty well-known fact that people enjoy doing certain things while watching Netflix. For example, some cook a sensible meal while others work on their dream boards. Whatever it is, it is super fun with shots of tequila.

3. Less Walking


If you’re not lucky enough to have a friend that pulls you around in a red wagon, you’re probably walking from bar to bar with your legs. Not only is that tiring, it may actually develop the muscles in your legs. Everyone knows that the most attractive part of a person is a veiny, muscular neck. Don’t overshadow your beautiful neck with weird, bulging legs.

4. Less Chance of Making Bad Food Choices

Drinking out amongst the people means that you will inevitably order a horrific meal. Getting the buzz at home will restrict you to the local food source of your refrigerator. More than likely, you will not have the ability to whip up a french fries sandwich wrapped in a pizza and served in a taco shell bowl. Avoid the poor choices that will require you to do six weeks of nonstop cardio.

5. Keep Your Reputation Intact

A possible study showed that 74 percent of the time you will find there is a 100 percent chance that public drinking will cause you to either reveal a secret or say inappropriate things to people. When this happens, you then have to burn down your house for insurance money, move somewhere else and change your name. There is no other option, so don’t ruin the life you’ve built.

Don’t get stuck wasting time and money in a public establishment. It’s time to throw away all of your club clothes and embrace the joy of home drinking!

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