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9 Creative Metal Wine Racks

It’s time once again for us to share what we have found in a search for unique wine products. Today is all about the metal wine racks. If you’re looking for a wine rack that stands out, check out our cool finds below.

1. Steampunk Wine Rack

Made to look like machine gears, if you’re into a more industrial look, this is the rack for you.

Steampunk Wine Rack

2. Wall Mounted Wine Rack and Glass Holder

I would almost call this a functional picture. You’ve got a beautiful frame and background holding your favorite wine and wine glasses.

Wall Mounted Wine Rack and Glass Holder

3. Metal Grapes and Leaves

Throwing in a little Tuscan decor here, because you can’t talk about wine products without one of them being related to Tuscany.

Metal Grapes and Leaves

4. Florenz Wall Mount Wine Rack Sculpture

This one is reminiscent of palette swatches, and brings a unique design to each rung of the rack.

Florenz Wall Mount Wine Rack Sculpture

5. Oenophilia Black Pearl Wine Rack

This is not a crazy or complicated design, but it has a unique feature: if you don’t want the rack out anymore, or you’re looking to save space, it is totally collapsable.

Oenophilia Black Pearl Wine Rack

6. Benzara Metal Wine Rack Bottle Holder

I feel like this is wall art that doubles as a wine rack.

Benzara Metal Wine Rack Bottle Holder

7. Freestanding Scrollwork Bronze Metal

This one will bring a little copper flair to your countertop.

Freestanding Scrollwork Bronze Metal

8. 6-Bottle Metal Wine Rack

It’s not often that metal wine racks have a lot of vibrant color to them. That’s why I thought this was a good one for this list.

6 Bottle Metal Wine Rack

9. Wine Barrel Wine Rack

I feel like this one is an interesting combination of two different styles. It feels a little rustic with the wine barrel staves, but then the metal pipes bring in a cool industrial look.

Wine barrel wine rack

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