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9 Funny Wine Sayings Shirts We Should All Get

I very much believe that sometimes we should all wear shirts that say ridiculous things on them. You can’t spend all your time in suits and ties. Or pencil skirts. Or pencil skirts with suits and ties on them. Relax a little bit, and get yourself some funny wine sayings shirts. And don’t worry, I spent some time on the internet and found some good ones to consider.

1. Wino T Shirt

Let’s start out with something that just speaks the truth. Sometimes you just have to keep it real, my friends.

Wino T Shirt

2. Let’s Go Wine Tasting On The Couch off shoulder sweatshirt (Women’s)

I love wine tasting. I love my couch. I just can’t see a fault in the logic of this shirt.

Let's Go Wine Tasting On The Couch off shoulder sweatshirt

3. My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels

Yes! This is the kind of book club I would join! The best thing about this one…it comes in adult and child sizes. I would love to see how people would react to a 9-year-old walking down the street in this shirt.

My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels

4. Wine Nut Squirrel Shirt (Men’s)

There’s just something amusing about squirrels acting like humans.

Wine Nut Squirrel Shirt

5. I’m Not Addicted To Wine…(Unisex)

This is accurate. How can you fault someone for believing in monogamy?

I'm Not Addicted To Wine..

6. Wine A Hug In A Glass T-Shirt (Women’s)

You know, I’ve often felt a warming sensation while drinking my wine. Now I know how to explain it. It’s just a hug. It has nothing to do with alcohol coursing through my veins.

Women’s Wine A Hug In A Glass T-Shirt

7. Funny Wine Drinking (Unisex)

This is what it is all about, my friends. Seeing the positive in every situation. Be proud of your wine habit.

Funny Wine Drinking

8. At my age I need glasses (Unisex)

Indeed. This is what happens when you get older.

At my age I need (drinking) glasses

9. All I Care About Is Wine

I love this one. Never tell people which 3 people you care about. It will keep all your friends and family vying for your attention. Muhahahahahaaaa!

All I Care About Is Wine


All these funny wine sayings shirts are awesome. We should all wear them, and start a club.

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