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9 Reasons Why You Should Have A Drink Right Now. (And What You Should Drink.)

Every now and then, in between drinks, I do like to take a moment to see what is going on in the world. Lets check out some news events that we should drink to, shall we?

Hillary Clinton is running for President. My mind reading abilities tell me you are either happy or upset about this. Either way, the situation deserves a drink. We are talking hard hitting politics here people, so you need to go strong. Straight up Bourbon Whiskey.


The tax deadline is in a couple days. You should probably find out where your W-2 is, so you can get going on that. Taxes go really well with a light white wine. Pinot Grigio is perfect. You want your mind still functioning to work with numbers, but you definitely want to be buzzed when you find out how much money you owe the government.

Items for doing Income Taxes

A 65 year old mother of 13 is pregnant with quadruplets (it’s true, read about it here.) This is shocking, but we should all drink to her successful baby factory. Vodka shots all around.

Newborn babies  over white background

The Game of Thrones season 5 has started. It was off the air for what? Like 27 months? It’s finally back, and characters are dying every 5 seconds. Let us celebrate with a drink. Bold red wines are what you need for this one. Make sure your goblet is ever filled with Cabernet Sauvignon.


It’s baseball season again. Whether you care about it or not, you should drink to every game. It’s America’s pastime. The obvious choice for this is beer. Keep in mind the season lasts until October, so you should probably join a beer club.

Beer Bottles and Baseball Glove with Ball

It’s April. The winter sucked, and the weather is finally getting warmer. Put on your capris and a light sweater, and have a refreshing glass of Rosé on the patio.

Four Seasonal & Flowing Plants

It’s almost May. Mother’s Day is in May. You love your Mother, don’t you? You should drink to that. Your Mother should drink as well for putting up with your B.S. for all these years. Mothers like white wine, so both of you need to have some Chardonnay.

Two glasses of white wine on a table

Every other month is coming up. Each month has a holiday. You should celebrate with a drink. Make sure you have at least a bottle of wine for each month. Get yourself a 12 pack of red wine.


It’s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. It’s one of these days today, and you are either having a good time or a bad time. You know what you need? A drink. Whatever floats your boat is fine. Beers, wines, liquors…all of it is good.


This concludes our news report.

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