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9 Signs Your Wine Has Gone Bad

Even though wine is known as something that can be aged for a long period of time, there is a possibility that it can go bad. The common culprits of this include exposure to too much oxygen (oxidation) or contamination by a cork with excessive bacteria (the wine has been “corked”.) There are several ways to tell if wine has gone bad. Make sure you are aware of these signs.

1. Color

If the color of your red wine looks more brownish, more than likely it’s turned. White wine also has a tell, which is going from a light color to a deep yellow.

2. Smell

A wine that smells musty or moldy is not something you want to drink. Furthermore, the smell of vinegar and rotten eggs is probably a sign that things have gone south. (I know. It’s weird, because who doesn’t like enjoying a plate of rotten eggs washed down with some vinegar?)

3. Taste

Vinegar makes another appearance here. A vinegar taste is not a good sign. Also, if the flavor of the wine is flat or almost tasteless, it’s time to throw it out.

4. It “Forgets” to Text or Call You Back Right Away

Everyone has a cell phone. Who doesn’t have their cell phone near them at all times? No one, that’s who. If you sent your wine a text at night, and it still hasn’t been answered by noon the next day, your wine is no good.

5. Your Wine Refuses to Commit

Is your wine refusing to take the relationship to the next level? That is unacceptable. You’ve been spending a lot of time together over the last few years, and you’ve invested a lot. So…I mean…where do you stand? If the answer is, “we’re just seeing where it goes”, throw the wine out.

6. Lying

If a wine’s story keeps changing and/or the details don’t add up, it’s probably not being honest with you. Also, if your wine constantly deletes its browser history and/or it immediately shuts its laptop when you enter the room, there’s definitely something wrong with this wine.

7. It Puts You Down

You deserve a wine that builds your confidence, not one that makes you feel insecure. A wine that constantly criticizes your body or makes you feel stupid is obviously trying to tear you down. This is a sign things aren’t right with the wine.

8. It Doesn’t Get Along With Your Friends

Your wine doesn’t have to love your friends, but it should make an effort to be respectful. It’s not that other people should make decisions for you, but if all your friends hate your wine’s guts, you should take note. Your wine is probably awful and you should get rid of it.

9. You Think Your Wine Has a Drug Problem

Has your wine started stealing money out of your wallet and pawning all your furniture? Does it stay awake for 16 days at a time? Chances are your wine has a drug problem and has gone bad.

You deserve a good wine. That’s why you should now how to spot a bad one and keep away from it.

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