About Us


The Lady Wine Gifted (Jessica) has been an avid fan of wine since she was able to drink it (maybe even before, but she’ll never admit that.) She has been living in Washington state for 10 years ago, which further strengthened her love for wine (having gained easy access to the wonderful wine produced in WA wine country.) Her goal is to drink and taste wine wherever she goes, so that she is able to share her experiences with you in a (hopefully) entertaining manner!

Patrick loves wine. Patrick loves to buy things. That’s why we’ve asked him to be our Product Specialist. His background is in marketing, so he understands the ins and outs of how companies try to get us to buy their stuff. This knowledge helps him as he buys and tries new things, and tells us what he thinks about it all. (We’re very glad his wife of 15 years has allowed him to take this on for us!)

Elaine comes to us from Cleveland, OH. Her background is in film; however, a love and skill for writing has led her away from the big screen. She has always had an extreme interest in current events and pop culture, which is why we asked her to be our News Analyst. Elaine has provided many guest articles for several websites over the last 9 years, so Wine Gifted is very proud and thankful she has agreed to share her talents with us.  

Feel Free to contact any of us at anytime.