BeerDeCoded Seeks Funds to Bring the DNA of Beer to Your Fingertips

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a menu featuring over a dozen microbrews with tasting notes that make each beer seem better than the last? Trying to choose the right beer in those situations can easily be daunting. And when a “cheap” microbrew averages $8, picking the wrong beer is often a pricey mistake. In response to this dilemma, Hackuarium and SwissDeCode have joined forces to create a team of scientists that will sequence the DNA of 1000 beers. Dubbed BeerDeCoded, the scientists hope to create a 1000 beer genome that will identify key components of each beer they analyze including how they were brewed, flavor profiles, and more.

Once the results are complete, BeerDeCoded will create a genomic tree sorting beer into different branches or themes. Potentially through a smartphone application they will then help consumers match their tastes to a branch of the tree that is most applicable to their palettes. Users can then compare menu items to the beer that fits their tastebuds the most, to make ordering easier and more successful. BeerDeCoded is calling this service a genomic sommelier.

The Kickstarter Campaign has raised nearly $8000 since its launch and has 25 days left to raise nearly $3000 more to meet its goal. This shouldn’t be hard because the team at BeerDeCoded is offering a lot of great gifts to backers. Those who donate €5 can nominate a single beer to be analyzed while those who donate €79 or more can get their own beer sequenced as part of the project. At the €499 level, brewers can get 10 of their beers analyzed and the BeerDeCoded team will supply a personalized tree of beers to display proudly in their bar. In addition to these perks, different donation levels offer the opportunity to meet the team, visit their lab, learn about DNA sequencing, and get social media mentions among other things.

With so many great benefits, it’s no wonder the team is so close to hitting their funding goals this early in the campaign. While they will most likely go over their goal, they have set a limit on how many people can donate at each level which will create a funding cap regardless. There is at least one donation at every level so far (even one at the $3000 level) so if the benefits sound appealing to you then time is of the essence as this campaign grows in popularity.

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