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Can a Six-Pack of Barbell Brew Give You Six-Pack Abs?

Okay, so the beer itself is not going to give you six pack abs. If that were true, I’d be “working out” with a bottle of Barbell Brew all day, every day, and I would have abs that you could bounce a quarter off of. This is not the case; however, the beer made by MuscleFood Brewery is probably the healthiest brewski that has been produced thus far.

On the MuscleFood website, you can check out all the health facts for yourself. Barbell Brew will give you a crazy amount of protein (21.8 grams), which the makers boast is 95% more than your typical beer. It also has 33% less calories, and 85% fewer carbs than other beers. Oh, and did I mention that it’s gluten free? Indeed, it sounds like the prayers of the health conscious beer drinkers all over the world have finally been answered.


I guess the question that remains, however, is does this low alcohol (3.6% ABV) wheat beer taste any good? Well, MuscleFood has explained that the “palate is unlike any other beer you’ve tasted before with assertive, resinous hops, biscuit malt flavour and a unique sweetness coming from the protein.” Is your mouth watering yet?

Unfortunately, for now, those of us that live stateside will not have access to this “thirst quenching, muscle building treat.” Currently, Barbell Brew is exclusive to the UK. And perhaps what can be considered another bum deal is that, if you are watching your pocketbook like you are your weight, a six pack of Barbell Brew will set you back about $22. Ouch.

Nonetheless, if you think of it like you would any other health food, a higher price tag might not be all that surprising. So maybe try to put aside a couple bucks a paycheck for the next 11 months. By that time, Barbell Brew might be all over the world, and you’ll be ready to get a workout in.

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