You Can Now Drink Wine from the Head of a Hawk.

Yes, you can drink from the head of an Atlanta Hawk. The Hawks recently tweeted the unique creation of Atlanta-based artist Nichole Epps. If you bid the right price on eBay, you can have the head of Hawks point guard Jeff Teague in your wine cabinet by January 7th.

While the glass looks like its only function is as a piece of art, it is actually a fully functional wine glass with a top. Yes, a top. If you are afraid of exposing your wine to the elements, you can keep Teague’s skull on until just the right moment. The glass also features a foam fingers at the base that read “TEAGUE TIME” in glow in the dark paint, so there is no way you’ll lose your drink in a dark room.

So, if you are a die hard sports fan, and you are looking for a wine glass that will be the talk of the party, certainly this is the one for you. Who else is going to show up with the detachable skull of an NBA player? My guess is no one!

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