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Fun Wine Games For Your Next Party

Planning a party that you want to be more than just standing around with small talk? Are you and your friends fans of wine at all? I have a few wine game ideas that might help you plan a fun night based around wine. First, we’ll start with some simple wine tasting games, and then I’ll recommend some decent board games.

Wine Tasting Games

1. Have each of your guests bring a bottle of wine. Place each bottle in a paper bag and number it. Make a master sheet that lists all the wines that were brought by your guests. Give each guest a piece of paper, and let them taste each wine. Have them write down the wines, and say which bottle number matches the wine.

2. If you’re willing to spend a bit of money, buy a couple decently priced bottles, as well as cheap bottles. Put each bottle in a paper bag. Write the prices of each bottle on a sheet of paper. Have your guests match the bottles to the prices.

3. Get some wines that are different varietals. Have your guests guess the varietals of each wine.

4. Buy some wine from different areas (i.e. California, Washington, and France.) Place them in paper bags. Have your guests taste each one, and try to match it to the area.

5. Get some bottles of wine that have tasting notes listed on the back of them. Create note cards with each bottles’ tasting notes. Have your guests taste the wines, and try to match the wine to the tasting note cards.

Wine Board Games

If you’re not into creating your own tasting games. There are plenty of board games out there that are wine- themed. You might want to give these ones a try.

Wine Smarts Game 2.0. This is a question and answer game that helps players learn more about wine.

Wine Smarts
zinzig Wine Tasting and Trivia Game – This is a trivia game that incorporates some blind wine tasting as well. I played this with the in-laws,and they loved it.

Wine-Opoly Monopoly – It’s the classic Monopoly game, but totally wine themed.

A Blind Wine Tasting Party Game – Another game that involving blind wine tasting (I can’t help it…if it’s a game that incorporates drinking wine, I’m all for it!

A Blind Wine Tasting Party
A Taste for Wine and Murder – Who doesn’t like an old fashioned murder mystery game?

A taste for wine and murder

Mixing and matching these two types of wine games during the night might not be such a bad idea. I hope your party is a success! Cheers!

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