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Get a Christmas Fix with These Christmas Wine Glasses

You may be shocked to hear this, but the holiday season is upon us yet again. I feel like we deal with this every year. Anyway, I am 100% sure that 93% of you will be celebrating with friends and family, and you’ll be doing it with a glass of wine. Why not dress that wine up for the holidays? Let us all bask in the glory of these Christmas wine glasses!

Jingle Juice Glass

We’re starting off with a bang, my friends. It’s a sippy cup for your “juice”. Perfect for when you are well into a holiday party. Without fear of a spill, you can confidently do whatever it is you do after 6 glasses of wine. You can talk with your hands, you can dance, or you can even point accusingly while screaming at someone.


Are We Merry Yet?

A very important question to ask during the holidays. I would say the “yes” answer comes after 2 glasses or so.


O Christmas Tree

I don’t have a Christmas tree, but I do have Christmas tree wine glasses. It is my contribution to saving the environment.


Snowman Christmas Wine Glass

These glasses are in memory of the brave snowmen that lost their lives in the winter melt of 2014.



Santa’s Little Helper

Because nothing makes wrapping gifts less daunting than a few glasses of wine.

Jingle Bells

For those of you that like to add a little bling to your Christmas wine.


Girl in A Glass

This is weird, so I had to include it.


Cheers and Joy Christmas Wine Glasses

I had to include something for the more traditional folks out there. A little cheers and joy for all.


The Wine Glass that Keeps on Giving

Feeble human eyes would not be able to see it in this picture; however, there is a wine cocktail recipe on the bottom of the glass.


Wine Made Me Do It

In honor of the number 1 excuse used the day after a holiday party.



Ho Ho Ho

I couldn’t show you a list of Christmas wine glasses without including a tribute to the strange fat man that breaks into your home, and leaves toys and treats for your children.


Merry Meter

And finally, these wine glasses are for those of you that want to take a more scientific approach to your holiday drinking. I do believe these are the official holiday wine glasses of NASA.



May all your Christmas wine glasses be merry and bright!


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