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Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on the way, people. It’s time to start thinking about what you are going to get Dad. I have some ideas that I think he might like. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, he’ll even start to like you!

Credit Card Bottle Opener

Credit Card Bottle Opener

Don’t let your Father go out into the world without being prepared to open a bottle of beer. It’s a crying shame when an opportunity to drink presents itself, and there is no way to get to the alcohol. Plus, every time he uses it, he will think of you. He can finally throw away all of his wallet pictures of you.

Survival Bracelet with Built-In Bottle Opener

Survival Bracelet
Survival Bracelet 2

If Dad has too much crap in his wallet, and can’t fit a wallet bottle opener in, try this bottle opener bracelet. Father’s Day jewelry that serves a very important purpose. You should return that Rolex watch you bought him…he’ll like this bracelet much better.

Beer Belt

Beer Belt

Speaking of being prepared…what happens if Dad is out and about, and he comes across a 6 pack of beer? And what if his arms are too weak to carry it? The perfect Father’s Day gift would be this beer belt. Convenient and fashionable.

Beer Chillers

Beer Chiller

He should have these beer chillers too. It will keep his beer cold, so he can stay out and avoid the family for a bit longer. (It’s his Father’s Day. He can do whatever the hell he wants.)

Beer Kit

beer kit

If Dad is more of a do-it-himself kind of guy, give him this home brew beer kit. Something to keep him busy while you go through his wallet to steal money.

Wine Gift Set

Wine Gift Set
Is Dad a fan of the wine? You might consider this Wine Gift set. You get a Zinc Alloy corkscrew, 2 extra worms, thermometer, foil cutter, 2 Stoppers, pourer and stopper, bottle ring, and foil cutter all in a fancy wooden box.

MLB Bam Vino Wine Holder

Bam Vino Wine Holder

On the subject of wine, how about combining it with baseball? Dads like baseball. Check out this bronze sculpture/wine bottle holder. This one shown here is NY Yankees branded, but there are actually several teams to choose from.

Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel

Whiskey Barrel

Okay, maybe wine isn’t his thing. More of a spirits kind of guy? Get him a personalized mini-oak whiskey barrel. It comes with instructions on how to make and age spirits…it’s good to give Dad a project. Happy Father’s Day, Dad…do something useful.

Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey Gift Set

Here’s another whiskey gift. It comes with a decanter with stopper, and 6 whiskey glasses. Get him all Mad Men-ed up.

Whiskey Chilling Rocks or Ice Ball Maker Mold

Ice Ball Maker Mold

Might as well class up that whiskey (or other liquors) with chilling rocks, or an ice mold. Plain ice is just so boring. I don’t want your Dad to look like a chump.

Cocktail Shaker and Mixing Pint Glass

Shaker and Pint Glass

Maybe Dad is not so much a straight up liquor guy. That’s cool. How about a stainless steel, weighted cocktail shaker with pint glass? You can get him this in hopes that he’ll whip up some cocktails when you come over for dinner (or to do laundry.)

Well, I hope you have found these gift ideas useful, and I hope your Dad enjoys Father’s Day!







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