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Man Lives to 107 by Drinking 4 Bottles of Wine a Day

If this isn’t an argument for the health benefits of wine, I’m not sure what is.

Spanish man Antonio Docampo García, who just recently passed away at the age of 107, believed that the secret to a long life was drinking 4 bottles of red wine a day. His son told the Spanish news site La Voz de Galicia that, “When we were both at home we could get through 200 litres of wine a month,” and that, “He never drank water.”


Docampo actually was a winemaker, and he only drank the wine he produced from his own vineyard in Ribadavia. He was known to drink 2 bottles with lunch, and another 2 bottles with dinner. All of his wine was organic and chemical-free. While producing 60,000 liters a year for sale, he kept 3,000 liters of year just for himself, his nephew and now owner of Docampo’s vineyard explained.

While I certainly do agree in all the good things red wine does for the human body, I can’t say that I would recommend drinking 4 bottles of wine per day. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be able to drink those 4 bottles, and live to the age of 107; however, I think I, as well as many other people, would have a very different reaction to that amount of red wine. I imagine that I would probably be jobless, dancing around the house with pants on my head for the first half of the day, and sleeping and/or weeping by a toilet during the second half.


I’m sure Docampo’s ability was very much influenced by not only the purity and quality of the wine he made, but also his genetics. It seems that his body was able to make very good use of the alcohol without all the nasty side effects. I sincerely admire Mr. Docampo. His whole life literally depended on red wine, and it appears he made very good use of it.

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