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One Glass of Wine Is Not Enough, and That’s OK.

I’ve witnessed the scene play out before. You’re hanging out with some friends, sipping on some wine, and when the question of whether or not to have another glass comes up, there is always someone that says, “I really shouldn’t.” Or maybe it’s even you. Sometimes there is a legitimate reason for stopping, such as driving car. Other times, it seems that there is maybe a bit of guilt that is creeping in. Like, if a person has the desire to have a few glasses of wine in one sitting, he/she better have bags packed, because rehab is the next stop. Well, I’m here to say, “NONSENSE!” Having more than one glass of wine is a good idea, and here’s why.

Science Says Two Glasses of Wine Helps Weight Loss


I’m not making this up. Actual studies performed by real life science people explain how wine affects weight loss. Harvard Medical School says that women who drink two glasses of wine a day are less likely to be overweight. Washington State University says that the resveratrol in wine helps the body “convert excess white fat into calorie-burning beige fat, providing new strategies for the prevention and treatment of obesity.” I realize that I may have lost half of my readers here, because they’ve probably rushed out to get a bottle of wine. However, for the rest of you, please try to read on.

One Glass of Wine is Not That Much Wine

Yes, let’s talk about how much a glass of wine really is. Unless you’re using one of those glasses that hold an entire bottle of wine, you are probably getting the normal pour of around 6 ounces. That’s not very much! I drink six ounces in my sleep! But outside the evidence of my sleep drinking, let’s also compare it to other beverages. A normal can of beer or soda is 12 ounces. Your little glass of wine is so much less! And no one is talking about how beer or soda helps with weight loss! Don’t feel bad about having a second glass.

Wine Gets Better as it Breathes


Wine changes as it is exposed to oxygen. It opens up, and the aromas and flavors are brought out. What a shame it would be to not experience and enjoy these changes. You wouldn’t be doing your wine justice. You believe in justice, don’t you? Or do you love corruption and dishonesty? Hmm…I may have gotten off track here, but you get the point.

You see? Don’t feel bad for having more than one glass of wine. There’s so much good coming from it!

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