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Reasons Why Someone Needs to Open a Wine Gym

If you are an avid fan of wine, I’m sure you are in the know when it comes to wine entertainment news. What’s that? You’ve never heard of wine entertainment news? Well, it’s a thing, and one of the things within the thing is wine workouts. Enjoyed by social media enthusiasts and wine meme makers alike, wine workouts are a delightful way of enjoying your wine while pretending to improve your body. Recently, a health coach’s wine workout video went viral, so naturally I had to sink my claws into the subject. I think wine workouts in wine gym is a brilliant idea, and here’s why.



There’s No Longer a Struggle in Deciding to Work Out or Drink.

I’m pretty sure this has been a decision we’ve all had to make at least one time in our lives. We know we need to work out, but someone has invited us out for a drink, or there’s a bottle of wine on the counter that is taunting us. Well, with a wine gym, there’s no debating about what you should or should not do. You’re working out AND drinking! Best of both worlds, my friends. That saves you minutes of brain effort.


It’s Perfect for the Calorie Counters.

I’ve been this person. I had the phone app where I entered in both my physical activity and wine intake for the day. Then, I waited for the all-knowing app robot/God to tell me if I am good or not. As a member of a wine gym, you would immediately know how much wine you are consuming, and the corresponding workout that would be required to burn the calories after consumption . (As with any gym, there would be trainers that monitor this stuff…there’s no effort on your part. Typing stuff into an app is annoying.)


It’s a Great Way to Meet People.

Let’s be honest, if you are a member of a wine gym, you not only love wine, you have a sense of humor. The same goes for the other members of the wine gym. You all have a lot in common. Just drink the wine, do some crunches, and see where the night takes you.

I think I’ve proven that wine gyms are a great idea. At this point, I just need a person and/or company to invest millions to develop this idea. Just message me, or send a check my way…let’s get this thing going!


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