Starbucks Now Selling Wine, Craft Beer, And Small Plates

Today, Starbucks formally introduced what they are calling “Evenings”, which is a wine, beer and small plates menu available after 4 pm. The locations being included in today’s roll out will bring the number of participating stores to 70. However, over the next few months, the coffee giant plans to introduce the menu to hundreds of locations across the country.

While many have questioned whether patrons will feel uneasy about alcohol being served in their favorite coffee shop, the company’s executives are projecting that the concept could bring in over $1 billion in sales over the next 3 years. Starbucks had already been experimenting with the concept in Los Angeles, Chicago, Oregon, Washington, Atlanta, and Florida.

Company baristas, who already receive extensive training in the various coffees served, will also be trained in the beer and wine so as to be able to assist customers with their drink choices. The small plates options will include items like chicken skewers, cheese plate, and bacon wrapped dates.

Starbucks hopes to introduce this adult beverage menu to 2000 of its stores in the months ahead.

The states included in this week’s “Evenings” menu roll out include Brooklyn, Denver, Orlando, Miami, and Northern California.

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