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The Benefits of Wine in a Can

The wine in a can movement is happening, my friends. If you are unsure about giving it a try, you shouldn’t be. There are winemakers out there that are putting out some quality canned wine. You should pick some up soon, and here’s why.

You Can Bring it Anywhere

Sure, you probably have the physical ability to bring a bottle of wine wherever you go; however, that doesn’t mean you should. For example, if you plan to go tubing on the river with 750 ml of wine, it is going to raise some eyebrows. You’re either going to look like a snob or a wino with a problem. Canned wine is lightweight, compact, and inconspicuous. You can pop it into your purse or man handbag, and not call attention to yourself.

No Glass is Needed

As a sophisticated adult, you probably usually drink your wine from a wine glass. But when you are on the go, what are you going to do? Always keep a wine glass in your purse or man handbag? Good luck not breaking that glass, which creates a situation where there’s broken glass in your purse or man handbag, and you risk getting a slit wrist. Keep it glassless with wine in a can. I care about your safety.


Easy to Deal With

In addition to not needing wine glasses, you also don’t need a corkscrew…you just pull open a can tab like you would a soda or beer. Plus, it’s super easy to discard. Just throw the can in a recycling bin. You don’t need to worry about throwing away multiple pieces (i.e. a cork or screw top.) By this time, you probably need to focus more on walking than anything else. The less to worry about, the better.

Wow All Your Friends and Family

I know I’ve never met your friends or family, but I’m pretty sure that when you show up with some cans of wine, people are going to be interested. Sure, they may be afraid of it at first, but they’ll come around, and they’ll thank you for introducing them to the idea.

Do I have you convinced that wine in a can is not such a bad idea? If so, here are some you should check out.

Underwood Wine Co.


Sofia Mini (Sparkling)


The Infinite Monkey Theorem (Light Carbonation)




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