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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Stay-At-Home-Drinker

Does the thought of planning some kind of special Valentine’s Day event and/or just going out in general make you want to throw up? My guess is that some of us feel this way, or we know others that feel this way. Well, not to worry! You can totally be a homebody on this holiday, but still participate in all the capitalist fun! Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts for the people that plan to spend the night in.

Brix Chocolate

If sitting on the couch, eating chocolate, drinking, and watching Netflix is the plan, give Brix a try. It’s actually specifically blended to compliment wine (and in this case, the couch and Netflix.)


Liquid Therapy Wine Glass

Give the gift of mental health on Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day Wine Bottle Labels

If you plan on giving the gift of wine, think about adding a special touch. Throw some amusing wine labels on those bottles, and let someone know that they are loved as they are steadily growing drunker.

I Love You Wine Glasses

Don’t forget to throw in some wine glasses with loving messages. You’ll want whoever the recipient is to feel special as they drink their 10 glasses of wine.

Lipstick Love & Kisses Valentines Day Gift

This has all the essentials for a wine night in…a wine glass, chocolates, and Tylenol. Nothing says you care for someone like making sure they are prepared for their hangover.

Wine Is My Valentine Shirt

We at Wine Gifted believe that wine is the most romantic part of Valentine’s Day. So maybe wine should officially be your Valentine. (Just tell your significant others that as soon as they become an alcoholic fermented beverage, they will get the title back. I’m sure they’ll understand.)


Wine Is My Valentine DOG Shirt

Hey, if you are going to spend that night in, and the dog isn’t going anywhere either, make sure their rockin’ the shirt as well.

Valentine’s Day Jumbo Wine Glass

For all the single ladies looking to put a ring on it (Yeah…I totally said it, and don’t care what anyone thinks…nothing can stop me.)

Snuggie Robe

This wine red Snuggie is perfect for a Valentine’s night in. It’s comfy and warm, you don’t have to wear any clothes if you don’t want to, and if you fall asleep with a half full glass of wine in your hand, you won’t notice the wine stain at all.


Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones

And finally…whiskey and bullets. Because why not?


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