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What Does Your Drink Of Choice Say About You?

Ever wonder what your drink of choice says about you? The experts here at Wine Gifted have once again used science to perform a study. We are pleased to reveal the results to you here.


four_lokoFour Loko – We’ll start with you first since you probably do not have the attention span to read through this list. You’re a bit crazy, and you are one step away from moving on to cocaine.


BeerGlassShapesBeer – You have a lot of friends, and your idea of a good time is hanging out at the sports bar. You also enjoy barbecuing and yard games.


Cider – You’ve been feeling self conscious lately, so you’re now on a diet, and can’t drink beer anymore.


red-white-rose-wineWine – You like to read or, at least, tell people you like to read. You talk about drinking wine all the time, but no one is actually concerned that you are an alcoholic. Half to all of your paycheck goes towards buying wine.


scotchScotch – You are pretty good at investing or, at least, talking about investing. You have many nice sweaters that bring out the color in your eyes.


whiskeyWhiskey – You don’t really care what people think about you. You are who you are, and if others can’t take the heat, they need to get out of the kitchen.


vodkaVodka – Fashion is important to you, and you enjoy showing it off by going out at night. You like going out to the bar, and if your jam starts playing, you find your way to the dance floor.


JagermeisterJägermeister – You are either very young, or wish you were young.


rumRum – You like to lay out in the sun to get a tan. You also wear a lot of gold jewelry, and almost always wear open toe shoes.


absintheAbsinthe – You enjoy the dark, and dancing to Joy Division songs. You have a top hat and cane that you actually wear out sometimes.


ginGin – You are level headed and unassuming. Your unstable friends always come to you for advice that they will never take.


tequila1Tequila – You don’t shy away from drinking contests, and have danced on a table before.


coolerWine Cooler – You enjoy watching reality television. You also like all the Nicholas Sparks movies. (Sometimes a good cry is all you need.)


kombuchaKombucha – You don’t really drink alcohol, but you smoke A LOT of weed.

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