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What the Hell? An Alcoholic Robot as a Loneliness Cure?

I’d like to introduce you to Drinky, the shot taking robot that is meant to be your companion when you’re dying for a drink, but feel weird about kicking back a few all by yourself. If you are looking for a sign that you might have a drinking problem, I think this is it.

So you may be asking yourself, “why would someone decide that the invention of an alcohol drinking robot was necessary?” Well, as Food and Wine Magazine reported, inventor Eunchan Park came up with the idea after he was drinking booze, girlfriendless and all alone, on Christmas Day. According to Park, as he was taking a drink of Soju (Korean alcoholic beverage), he did a cheers to himself, which immediately altered the taste of his alcohol. That’s when he decided, “the secret of taste of alcohol totally depends on existence of partner.” As such, Drinky was born.


Drinky will ask you for a drink, give you a cheers, and take a shot that goes directly into his glass jar stomach, which saves the alcohol undigested. That way, when you feel another bout of loneliness coming back on (possibly when you’re eating a vat of cookie dough alone on New Year’s Eve or your Birthday), you can re-use the booze for another mood-lifting shot with your robot drinking partner. Drinky will even turn red in the face to signal that he’s had too much to drink, so you know when it’s time to call it a night and get Drinky into a cab. As to whether or not Drinky gets to the point where he’s constantly telling you he loves you and/or sending drunk texts to his ex, that is yet to be seen.


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I’ll admit that Drinky seems like an entertaining novelty item to break out during a party, and I’m super impressed that someone was able to construct an alcoholic robot. As all my friends and family know, I am at the forefront of drinkery-enhancing technology (and creating nonsensical terminology.) However, if you decide to utilize Drinky for the same purpose that Park did, I suggest maybe talking to a professional about your clinical depression.

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