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White Wine vs. Red Wine: The Ultimate Battle

We at Wine Gifted do not discriminate. We don’t favor one type of wine over another. However, when wine permeates your brain (both literally and figuratively) every day and night, including weekends and holidays, you hear a lot of views as to which wine is the best. What we hear most is the preference of red wine vs. white wine. Whether you are a wine novice or expert, it’s easy to have an opinion of both. Here, however, we’d like to break down the advantages of both red wine and white wine. We shouldn’t pit them against each other!

I’m Dreaming of a White Wine.


Quench Your Thirst.

Okay, we’re not saying you should pour yourself a big glass of white wine, and guzzle it down like water. I once saw a guy do this with a whole bottle, and he immediately exploded (or maybe he just got incredibly sick…my memory is foggy). Anyway, on a warm, sunny day, a tepid, thick beverage is probably not the best choice. White wine is usually light, crisp, cool, and refreshing, which is quite delightful when you have a thirst.

It’s for the Calorie Counters.

I’ll admit that this isn’t true across very single white wine out there; however, generally speaking, many white wines have less calories than red wines. On average, there are 23 calories per ounce in white wines, and 25 in red. If you go with a dry, sparkling white wine, it’s about 21 calories per ounce. It’s basically like drinking water. (Disclaimer: It’s nothing like drinking water.)

Easy on the Pocketbooks.

You don’t have to go broke being a wine drinker. Many decent white wines are much less expensive than red wines. One of my favorite Pinot Gris wines is under $12 (2014 Chateau Ste. Michelle.) My wallet is bursting with cash! (Disclaimer: Sure, maybe I’ve printed my own currency, but I still do save money with white wine.)

Red, Red Wine, Stay Close to Me.

Does a Body Good.

There is this antioxidant called Resveratrol that resides in the skins of grapes. There are many health benefits linked to Resveratrol (i.e. cancer prevention and heart health.) When red wine is made, the grape juice sits with skins for a longer period of time. This means that the concentration of Resveratrol is higher in red wine than white. (There’s even a theory that a glass of red wine equals an hour at the gym.)

Don’t Have Much of a Sweet Tooth.

While there are red dessert wines out there that are quite sweet, the majority of red wines are pretty dry. This is one of the top reasons red wine drinkers tend to avoid the whites. There are versions of white wine that are drier; however, red lovers can’t help but feel that the whites are just too sweet.

Gets Better with Age.

If you’re not like me, and you don’t gobble up wine the minute it’s in your hands, you do have the option of aging your red wine. If you lay down your red wine in a cool, dark place, chemical reactions happen over time to balance the sugars, acids, and tannins in it. This can balance the wine, and make it even more delicious. Some wines you can age for up to 30 years, and the monetary value of them actually increases. Your red wine could turn into an investment!

As you see, red wine and white wine both have their own good qualities. I say don’t restrict yourself to one or the other…give them both a chance.

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