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Wine Condoms Are A Real Thing

I guess you could say I’m an old fashioned kind of wine drinker. I sit in my rocking chair with my favorite bottles of wine that I know and trust, and in the rare occasion that I do not finish a bottle (friends and family: just kidding; people that don’t know me: I’m not kidding), I get out my fairly large wine stopper to close it up. I’m sure some of you work the same. However, the world is changing, technology is getting better, and there are a lot of pretty new wines out there. We all need to broaden our horizons. One interesting thing I came across recently: wine condoms. I thought it’d be good to talk about this here.


The wine condom was created by a mother and son team out of Dallas, TX. Laura Bartlett and her son Mitchell Strahan came up with the idea after Laura had an unfinished bottle of wine that she sealed with Saran wrap and a rubber band. A year later the duo took to Kickstarter. They were able to get 311 backers to pledge $9,285 to bring the wine condoms project to fruition, which was well over their original goal of $7,500. Soon after, the world took notice, and the product was featured on several news outlets, including CNN Money, Today Show, and The Huffington Post.


The wine condom…ahem…works mostly like a traditional one. You just slip it over the top of an open wine bottle, and roll it down the neck. It offers a tight seal on the wine, and is 100% disposable once you are done with it. Each comes in a gold foil wrapper that fits in your pocket, wallet, or whatever secret hiding place you might have. As their website playfully mentions, “Now, there’s no Riesling to suffer unplanned spillage.” As a unique feature to the wine version of the condom, you can probably get a few uses out of one.


I have to say that the idea of a portable, disposable wine stopper is brilliant. If you are on the go with some wine (i.e. going to a party, out camping, or in the waiting room of a dental office), there’s a lot of value in being able to slip something out of your pocket, and put it to use for wine preservation. As to whether or not people will generally feel comfortable pulling out wine condoms in front of their friends and family, I guess that’s up for debate. You have to admit, however, it’s pretty amusing, and would make an excellent gag gift.

So, if you’re able to get your hands on a wine condom, I say why not give it a shot? Open your mind, and try something new. Maybe you’ll get a few girlish giggles out of it.

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