Types of Wine

There are so many different kinds of wine out there. Thousands of grape varieties are utilized by winemakers to produce the multitude of wines that we enjoy drinking (some of us more than others.) Wine is typically classified by the types of varietals (grapes) used to make it, and processes like harvesting, fermentation, aging, and blending the grapes provide the wide range of aromas, flavors, and feels we get in our wines. It’s quite an extensive process that takes a lot of knowledge and patience.

If you’ve ever Googled “types of wines”, you might have been overwhelmed with the massive amount of wine information you have to swim through. You can probably imagine that it takes a decent amount of research and time to gain a good understanding of what wine is, how it is made, and why there are specific characteristics of each one. Wine Gifted is here to help with some basic information about red and white wine. We will also discuss the various types of wines that exist within those two categories.