Zinfandel Wine

What is Zinfandel Wine?

Zinfandel comes from a black skinned grape with high sugar content. It’s native to Croatia; however, it has become a California grape (10%+ of California vineyards grow it.) Winemakers typically produce a robust red wine that is dark in color; however, a semi-sweet rosé can also be made from it (check out Wine Gifted’s humorous discussion of how rosé wine is made.)

Style of Zinfandel Wine

There are 3 styles to note. A light bodied Zinfandel wine will be fresh and light with more berry flavors. A medium body has a higher tannin content with more spice. The full bodied Zinfandel is rich with dark fruit flavors, and tends to age well. The full bodied wines are also often made from old vines (50 years old or more.)

Aromas & Flavors

Aromas include blackberry, cherry, raisin, plum, chocolate, oak, and tobacco. You may notice flavors of blackberry, raspberry, cherry, raisins, plum, boysenberry, licorice, spice, black pepper, and oak.

Food Pairing

In the White Zinfandel wine form, you might want to try Cajun food, seafood, or barbecue. As a red wine, it pairs well with meats like chicken, lamb, beef, and game.

ABV & Calorie Count

The alcohol by volume (ABV) content is usually around 14.5%. The calorie count is around 131 calories for a 5 ounce glass.