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Reasons Why Wine is the Most Romantic Part of Valentine’s Day

It’s possible you have been preparing for Valentine’s Day for quite some time. Maybe you’ve spent the last 6 months trying to plan the perfect night to show your other halves that you love them, or at least that like them a significant amount. If you’ve been thinking about diamonds or flowers or teddy bears, slap yourself across the face right now. That stuff is stupid. The only thing that you should be focusing on is the wine you are going to drink. Wine is romantic as sh*t, and I’ll tell you why.

It’s Beautiful

No matter what you spend on a bottle of wine ($50, $20, or $2), it’s going to look classy, which will totally impress your date. Almost all wine (sans your boxed, bagged, or canned wines) comes in a sharp-looking glass bottle, and is poured into a fancy-looking wine glass. No other beverage looks as good as wine does.

Wine Names Sound Romantic


Many wines have origins in Europe, which means they have European names. Everyone knows that languages like French or Spanish or Italian are very beautiful. If you say “Mourvèdre” or “Tempranillo” or “Pinot Grigio” to someone, you’re going to sound extremely worldly, which will make you very attractive. Announcing drink choices like water or milk or Mountain Dew is going to make you sound like a stupid head, which will kill the mood completely.

Science Says Wine Affects You Like Love

This is a scientific fact. Love and alcohol have similar effects on the brain. The brain produces the “love hormone” Oxytocin, which is a chemical compound that assists in love and reproduction. It is released during skin to skin contact, and is the reason why we love being physically close to one another. The science guys at Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews found that the feelings that Oxytocin produces are nearly identical to the feelings alcohol produces; ergo, wine is basically love.

If You’re a Man, it Can…Ahem…Help Performance


Another scientific fact. A recent study showed that red wine helps prevent impotence in men. Let’s be honest. There are certain expectations when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I won’t say what those expectations are, but I will say that the results of this study will probably matter to a lot of people on Valentine’s Day.

Wine Will Pair With Anything You Plan to do for Valentine’s Day


Probably 94% of us will be cooking a special dinner, or paying someone else to cook a special dinner. No matter what food you have, there’s a wine pairing that will make it awesome. Also, if you have something going on before or after the dinner (i.e. hot air balloon ride, helicopter tour, or MMA fight), pulling out a bottle of wine with a couple of glasses is going to make that activity all the more special.

Are you excited about the romantic potential of wine? I am. And it’s not just because I’ve had 4 glasses of wine. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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